Posted by Night Hawk on Mar 13, 2012

3D Model Campaign

We are currently trying to raise money for 3D models. So we can replace the old crappy ones that I made a wile back.
To do this I would like to raise 2000 dollars to help buy the fallowing items.


I would like to add and or replace some of the Current Assault Knight mechs With mechs from and

Here are some pics.


Repair bay for the techlab.
I would like to buy this fallowing Repair bay for the Assault Knights Tech Lab.

Scifi storage.
I would also like to buy this fallowing model kit to use as part of a map for Assault Knights.


Scifi Buildings.
I would like to get these awesome scifi buildings for map use as well.

Scifi Corridors
Another thing I would like to buy for the game for some indoor game levels. Are these Scifi Corridors.


That is just some of the 3D models I would like to buy for the game. There is alot more. But I hope that 2000 dollars will cover it.
Anyway if you would like to help Assault Knights be all it can be. And help make it look beautiful. Please donate what ever you can below.
Thank you.


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