Assault Knights: Reign of Steel

Assault Knights: Reign of Steel


Welcome to the Assault Knights: Reign of Steel buy page. Here you can buy the game for what you want. From the price list below.
Sadly we had no way of allowing the user to enter the price he or she wanted. But I made the list pretty reasonable using 5 dollar increments.

With this pricing setup we will allow you to set the price. How much is the game worth to you?

Please note the game is not finished. But it is fairly stable and playable right now. There are quite a few bugs that we will be working on
as time progresses. Think of this like minecraft. You buy it now and get free updates as we continue to develop the game and update it.

When buying the game make sure you register on the site. After you buy the game I will send you the download information through the E-mail
address that you used to purchase the game. Please allow up to 2 days for your purchase to go through.

You will get a E-mail directly from me or the site with your download links to the game. Sorry nothing will be shipping even though this store
might say it will be.

As time progresses you will get free updates of the game through the forums. That is why you need to register on the site.

The game is being built upon the Neo Axis game engine. And comes with the complete source of the game. It also comes with the complete Resource Editor
And Map Editor where users can create there own stuff for the game and mod it. It also has working multiplayer. Where players can fight it out online

There is also Several AI maps for users to play around with to test the game’s mechanics and how to play.
If you would like to learn more about the game or have any other questions you can read the FAQ here.
Or Ask questions about the game on my forums here.
You can also read the storyline here.

Also when you register and buy the game you will get access to the private forums where you can get your free updates and stay on top of
Development as it happens.

Please feel free to browse the videos and pictures below. And judge for yourself if you want to buy this game.
Thank you so much.



AK Promo Video. – Mod DB

NewAvalon City map Tank Test. – Mod DB





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